NorthSide Community Bank Charitable Foundation Mission Statement

NorthSide Community Bank Charitable Foundation (NSCBCF) is a private, non-operating foundation.  It functions as a "flow-through" foundation and distributes to Section 501 (c)(3) qualifying public charities and/or private operation foundations all gifts and investment income that it receives during the year.

The mission of NSCBCF is to improve the quality of life in the organization's local communities of Gurnee, Riverwoods, Mundelein, Niles and the surrounding areas, and to enhance individual opportunities for education and personal growth.  The foundation supports charitable organizations that care for and work with children and adults to provide them with the necessary resources to advance and prosper.

The NSCBCF supports specific projects in its local communities as often as possible in contrast to general support grants, such that the foundation may have as much impact on the lives of those involved.  This may be in the form of support of local food banks, local educational efforts to raise funds for books, and/or local scholarships for education.  The Foundation generally refrains from contributing to programs such as the United Way, as these national organizations have alternative funding mechanisms that are more viable than can be supported by NSCBCF.  Instead, the Foundation supports local charitable organizational such as Rotary Charities and other volunteer organizations that provide programs with local and immediate impact and with minimal expenses.

Charitable Contribution, Gift and Donation Request Guidelines for Organizations new to NorthSide Community Bank Charitable Foundation

NSCBCF is dedicated to supporting the communities it serves as well as the philosophy of “People Helping People.” To request a donation or sponsorship from NSCBCF, please review the approved donation policy and eligibility guidelines below:

All requests must be submitted in writing, accompanied by NSCBCF Contribution, Gift and Donation Request Form. Request forms and supporting documents may be mailed or e-mailed to:

            NorthSide Community Bank Charitable Foundation       

            Attn: Gloria Pagan

            1155 Milwaukee Ave

            Riverwoods, Il 60015



A minimum of 30-day notice is required for consideration. All requests will be evaluated by management on an individual basis. NSCBCF reserves the right to deny any and all requests by any and all parties regardless of whether they meet or not meet the criteria noted herein.

NorthSide Community Bank’s Charitable Foundation Policy:

Consideration will be given to the financial need of each request, based on the following:

  • the requesting organization’s source of support;
  • the donation’s overall impact on the community or communities served;
  • the size or amount of the contribution request;
  • funds availability; and
  • mission & philosophy

Eligibility Requirements:

Donation recipients will generally benefit non-profit organizations with tax exemption under Section 501 c(3) or (6) of the Internal Revenue Code which are considered charitable, civic, educational, recreational and/or receive the majority of their support through outside funding. Requesting entities, will generally conduct activities in a community, or within an adjacent community, in which NSCB has a place of business.   


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