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Passbook and Statement Savings
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Our Savings Accounts are a great investment alternative for you. They provide you with a variable rate of interest and liquidity for your funds. We can establish an automatic transfer of funds from your primary checking account. This makes saving for those "college bills" or that dream home easy. Our Statement Savings Account gives you a monthly statement listing all your transactions and pays you interest monthly. You can also access your statement savings account with your ATM card. Like your checking account, you will have full account information on your savings account available with our Telephone Banking Service.

We can customize our retirement investment plans to fit your financial budget. You can make deposits on a weekly basis, semi-monthly or monthly basis and it can be as easy as a direct deposit. Individual Retirement Accounts give you market rates, and are insured by the FDIC.

Passbook and Statement Savings

NorthSide Community Bank has several saving products in which to choose. We offer traditional Passbook and Kiddy Kat Passbook accounts, along with statement savings accounts. For those desiring a higher interest rate among the savings products, the NorthSide Community Club savings account is just what you are looking for. On balances greater than $5,000.00 above market rate interest is paid on the Community Club accounts, while providing the flexibility to withdrawal funds at any time.


Whether you are looking for traditional, Roth, or Educational IRAs, NorthSide Community Bank has the retirement product for you. Our Accumulator IRA allows for weekly, monthly or quarterly deposits without the hassle of a onetime annual contribution. If you need assistance with a retirement plan, please ask one of our personal bankers.



Expense Tracking Comes to NorthSide



 Community Puzzle

You now can track your expenses with new features added to our internet banking product.  Check out the new features for yourself or contact a banker for more information.



Click Here to learn about the expiration of the Temporary Full FDIC Insurance Coverage for Noninterest-Bearing Transaction Accounts.